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Public Pill is leading to mass online stores and distributors of Generic Drugs and Healthcare Products for customers worldwide. which is led by the most qualified Indian pharmacists who provide the best value for generic medicines. The health care expert also has trusted us. Public Pill one of the best and most recommended online platforms for the best medicines and for better health in many countries. we provide huge varieties of Generic and Branded medicines at the best prices without compromising on the high quality of medicine.

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Now you don’t need to pay the high cost of your medicines when you can get them dexterously from our suitable and affordable online drug store at Public Pill.com all the items we need to look over are predictable and perfect meet as per all FDA standards and criteria. Public Pill continually works to make your Heath better and better each and every day.

What is Public Pill?

Generic medicines typically sell at significantly lower prices than brand name equivalents and with lower profit margins. This is because competition between manufacturers will intensify if the patent of the drug is not protected. Generic companies incur lower costs by creating generic drugs only at the cost of manufacturing. Without the costs of drug discovery and development, therefore able to maintain profitability at a lower price.


To always be able to look at medicine. Healthcare comes from a consumer perspective and provides solutions that enable people to manage their well-being through an online humanitarian network enriched with data and technology.

We Believe

The world is moving towards non-communicable and, especially, chronic ailments which are about much more than just consuming medicines. They are more about ‘managing and staying in control’ than ‘popping a pill and moving on’. As the second-most populous country, the doctor-patient ratio is a huge concern in a country like ours. Hence, ‘managing and staying in control’ would need focused self-management of the condition and lifestyle alike.

Our Motto

While building a technology company for the pharma B2B supply chain, we came across the concept of generic medicines. We realized that India is primarily a generic market and there exists a huge gap between the ex-factory cost and selling price of medicines. On top of that, medicine turns out to be the highest out of pocket spend out of total healthcare expenditure. it was like an urgent need, waiting for a decision. We pivoted in 2020 to launch our online platform PublicPill.com

As we went along, it felt like just a tiny step towards delivering consumer-centric solutions. We believe that we need to go beyond medicine to help people. Especially those with chronic conditions, who lead happy and healthy lives. Therefore, PublicPill.com expanding their network to impact more lives. we are committed to increasing impact by developing solutions and services. products that will make people the masters of their own health.

Our ultimate goal is to provide affordable healthcare to one and all.