Bactrim DS (Sulfamethoxazole 800 mg-trimethoprim 160 mg tablet)

Additional Information:
Sulfamethoxazole 800 mg-trimethoprim 160 mg tablet is use to treat bacteria and parasites Infection of the liver, stomach, intestines, vagina, brain, heart, lungs, bones, and skin.

Generic BrandBactrim DS
CompositionSulfamethoxazole 800 mg-trimethoprim 160 mg tablet
Use ForBacterial infections, Worm Infection, Parasitic Infection,
Packaging10 Tablets in 1 Strip
ManufacturerAbbott Pharma
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Bactrim DS – Sulfamethoxazole 800 mg-trimethoprim 160 mg tablet Description

Sulfamethoxazole 800 mg-trimethoprim 160 mg tablet is a combination medicine that is used to treat various types of bacterial infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, infections of the urinary tract, ear, and abdomen. It prevents the growth of microorganisms to cure the infection.

Bactrim DS Tablet is a prescription medicine that is advised to be taken as suggested by the doctor. It should be taken with food and it must be taken at a fixed time to ensure better efficacy. Do not consume more than the recommended dose, as an overdose of it may have harmful effects on your body. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. The treatment must be completed even if you feel better to ensure a complete recovery.

Sulfamethoxazole 800 mg-trimethoprim 160 mg tablet may lead to some side effects such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, loss of appetite, headache, etc. To overcome any such side effects, it is advised to eat a healthy balanced diet and drink plenty of fluid. If any of the side effects get aggravated, contact your doctor immediately. If you experience any allergic reaction (rashes, itching, swelling, shortness of breath, etc.), you must consult your doctor immediately.

The Sulfamethoxazole 800 mg-Trimethoprim 160 mg tablet, a potent combination of two antimicrobial agents, stands as a formidable weapon against various bacterial infections. This article navigates through the intricacies of this medication, shedding light on its uses, mechanisms, safety considerations, and potential substitutes.

Uses: Sulfamethoxazole 800 mg-trimethoprim 160 mg tablet

  1. Bacterial Infections: The primary purpose of this tablet is to combat bacterial infections effectively. It addresses a broad spectrum of ailments, including respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, and skin infections.
  2. Pneumocystis Pneumonia (PCP): Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim proves invaluable in preventing and treating Pneumocystis pneumonia, a fungal infection often affecting individuals with compromised immune systems.
  3. Traveler’s Diarrhea: This combination tablet is sometimes prescribed for preventing or treating traveler’s diarrhea, offering relief to those exploring new territories.

How It Works: Sulfamethoxazole 800 mg-trimethoprim 160 mg tablet

The synergistic action of Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim delivers a dual blow to bacterial invaders:

  1. Sulfamethoxazole: This sulfonamide antibiotic inhibits bacterial growth by interfering with the synthesis of folate, a vital component for DNA and RNA production in bacteria.
  2. Trimethoprim: A dihydrofolate reductase inhibitor, Trimethoprim complements Sulfamethoxazole by further hindering folate production, intensifying the bactericidal effect.

Safety Considerations: Sulfamethoxazole 800 mg-trimethoprim 160 mg tablet

  1. Medical History: Share your complete medical history, allergies, and ongoing medications with your healthcare provider to ensure the safety of Sulfamethoxazole 800 mg-Trimethoprim 160 mg Tablet.
  2. Pregnancy and Lactation: Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should consult their doctor for a thorough risk-benefit analysis before using this medication.
  3. Kidney Function: Since these drugs are excreted through the kidneys, individuals with impaired renal function may need adjusted dosages. Regular monitoring is crucial.

What If You Forget To Take It?

If a dose is missed:

  1. Immediate Action: Take the missed dose as soon as you remember.
  2. Skip If Close to Next Dose: If the next dose is imminent, skip the missed one.
  3. Avoid Double Dosing: Never double up to compensate for a missed dose.

Potential Substitutes: Sulfamethoxazole 800 mg-trimethoprim 160 mg tablet

Several alternatives exist based on individual health considerations and bacterial susceptibilities. Consult with publicpill healthcare provider to determine suitable substitutes tailored to your specific needs.


The Sulfamethoxazole 800 mg-Trimethoprim 160 mg tablet, with its dual-action approach, emerges as a stalwart ally in the fight against bacterial infections. Understanding its uses, mechanisms, and safety guidelines ensures optimal utilization and facilitates a smoother path to recovery. Always adhere to your healthcare provider’s guidance for the most effective and safe treatment.

Pack Size:

30 Tablets – USD $0.47/ Tablet, 60 Tablets – USD $0.44/ Tablet, 90 Tablets – USD $0.42/ Tablet, 120 Tablets – USD $0.40/ Tablet, 150 Tablets – USD $0.37/ Tablet

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