Glycomet GP 1 Tablet (Metformin/Glimepiride)

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Buy Glycomet GP Online, which is Diabetes Care medication, and it contains Metformin/Glimepiride. Metformin Glimepiride Tablets can be prescribed to patients who have Type 2 diabetes. Glycomet GP 1 helps in maintaining the normal level of blood sugar in the body.

Generic BrandGlycomet GP 1 Tablet
Use ForDiabetes Care
Packaging10 Tablets in 1 Strip
ManufacturerUsv Pharma
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30 Tablets - USD $0.23/ Tablet$7.00
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60 Tablets - USD $0.22/ Tablet$13.02
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90 Tablets - USD $0.20/ Tablet$17.85
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Glycomet GP 1 Tablet (Metformin/Glimepiride)


Buy Glycomet GP Online, which is one of the active tablets to reduce high blood sugar levels. The Endocrinologists prescribe the medication to that patient who is suffering from type 2 diabetes. Metformin Glimepiride is for that patients who can’t control their blood sugar level through proper diet & exercise. Glycomet GP use in patient combination with other medicines.

How to Use Glycomet GP?

Take Glycomet GP orally with a glass of water, sallow the whole tablet at once. Don’t Break, chomp, or crush the tablet as it can lead to adverse side effects, or take Metformin Glimepiride as advised by your Endocrinologists.

Take Glycomet GP 2 or 1 at a fixed time daily as it is easy to remember as well; it helps to maintain the amount of medicine in your body. Consult your Endocrinologists before increasing or decreasing the dosage of Metformin Glimepiride. Don’t overdose as it can lead to harmful side effects.

Side Effects of Metformin Glimepiride:

Seek medical help if these side effects last for long after consuming Metformin Glimepiride Tablets are taste change, Nausea, Diarrhea, and Stomach pain.

Other Available Substitutes:

Glycomet GP 2 Tablets


How does Glycomet GP Tablet work?

It works by lowering blood sugar levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes. Metformin reduces glucose production in the liver and improves insulin sensitivity. Glimepiride stimulates the pancreas to release insulin, which helps in the utilization of glucose by the body’s cells.

How should Glycomet Tablet be stored?

It should be stored at room temperature and away from moisture and direct sunlight. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Pack Size :

30 Tablets – USD $0.23/ Tablet, 60 Tablets – USD $0.22/ Tablet, 90 Tablets – USD $0.20/ Tablet, 120 Tablets – USD $0.19/ Tablet, 240 Tablets – USD $0.18/ Tablet

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