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Generic BrandsProcarbazine
ManufacturerNeon Laboratories
Composition50 mg
Packaging10 capsules in 1 strip
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Buy Hodpro 50mg Capsule is used within the treatment of some sorts of cancers. It could also be additionally used to treat different conditions, as decided by the physician. It is used with different medicines as a part of mixture chemotherapy to treat cancers such as Hodgkin’s disease (a cancer of the lymph glands).

Hodpro 50mg Capsule buy online could be taken with or with out meals, however higher to take it on the similar time day-after-day to get probably the most advantages. Some meals or drinks can affect the working of medicine, so higher to keep away from mature cheeses (together with processed cheeses), yeast or meat extracts and a few type of beer or alcohol. Your physician will resolve what dose is important and the way usually you might want to take it. This will depend on what you might be being handled for and will change once in a while. You should take it precisely as your physician has suggested. buy Procarbazine 50mg online Taking it within the mistaken means or taking an excessive amount of can cause very critical side effects. It might take a number of weeks or months so that you can see or really feel the advantages however don’t cease taking it until your physician tells you to.

The most common side effects of this medicine embrace nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite. If these trouble you or seem critical, let your physician know. There could also be methods of decreasing or stopping them. Regular blood tests are required to verify your blood cells together with the heart, liver, and kidney.

Before taking it, inform your physician if in case you have heart disease, liver, or kidney problems or are taking any medicines to treat infections. Many different medicines can affect, or be affected by, this medicine so let your physician know all medications you might be utilizing. This medicine just isn’t really useful during pregnancy or whereas breastfeeding. Moreover, it could possibly make you infertile, so ask your physician about security strategies.



In Hodgkin’s disease

Hodgkin’s disease is a type of lymphoma, which is a blood cancer that begins within the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps the immune system do away with waste and struggle infections. Hodpro 50mg Capsule kills or stops the expansion of cancer cells and likewise prevents the multiplication of cancer cells. Follow your physician’s directions rigorously and let your physician know if any of the side effects trouble you.


Most side effects don’t require any medical consideration and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. Consult your physician in the event that they persist or in case you’re anxious about them

Common side effects of Hodpro


Take this medicine within the dose and duration as suggested by your physician. Hodpro 50mg Capsule could also be taken with or with out meals, however it’s higher to take it at a set time.
Avoid Procarbazine 50mg Capsule with tyramine-rich meals such as cheese, smoked fish, meats and a few sorts of beer.


Procarbazine belongs to a bunch of medicines known as antineoplastic alkylating brokers. It works by inhibiting protein, RNA, and DNA synthesis, which helps to cease the expansion of cancer cells within the body.





Consuming alcohol whereas taking Hodpro 50mg Capsule might cause symptoms such as flushing, elevated heart beat, nausea, thirst, chest pain and low blood pressure (Disulfiram response).


Hodpro 50mg Capsule is unsafe to make use of during pregnancy as there may be particular proof of risk to the growing child. However, the physician might hardly ever prescribe it in some life-threatening situations if the advantages are greater than the potential dangers. Please consult your physician.

Breast feeding

Hodpro 50mg Capsule is unsafe to make use of during breastfeeding. Data means that the drug might cause toxicity to the child.


Hodpro 50mg Capsule might lower alertness, affect your vision or make you are feeling sleepy and dizzy. Do not drive if these symptoms happen.


Hodpro 50mg Capsule should be used with warning in patients with kidney disease. Dose adjustment of Hodpro 50mg Capsule could also be wanted. Please consult your physician.
Use of Hodpro 50mg Capsule just isn’t really useful in patients with extreme kidney disease.


Hodpro 50mg Capsule should be used with warning in patients with liver disease. Dose adjustment of Hodpro 50mg Capsule could also be wanted. Please consult your physician.
Use of Hodpro 50mg Capsule just isn’t really useful in patients with extreme liver disease.

All substitutes

For informational functions only. Consult a physician before taking any medicines.

Hodpro 50 Mg (Procarbazine)

P Carzine 50 Mg (Procarbazine)

Quick suggestions

  • Take it with or with out meals, however attempt to have it on the similar time day-after-day.
  • As a precaution, meals excessive in tyramine (eg. aged cheeses, air-dried meats, soy sauce, faucet/draft beers and red wines) should be prevented when taking Hodpro 50mg Capsule to keep away from a critical response.
  • Your physician might get common blood tests completed to observe your blood cell rely and liver function.
  • It makes you are feeling dizzy. Do not drive or function equipment till you understand how it affects you.
  • Consult along with your physician in case you are planning pregnancy as it could possibly affect your fertility.

Fact Box

Chemical Class- Alkylating brokers, methylhydrazine by-product
Habit Forming- No
Therapeutic Class -ANTI NEOPLASTICS
Action Class -Anticancer-others
Pack Size

30 Capsule/s – $1.33/Capsule, 60 Capsule/s – $1.25/Capsule, 90 Capsule/s – $1.21/Capsule

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