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Generic BrandsHydroquinone
ManufacturerMenarini India Pvt Ltd
Packaging50ml in bottle
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Hyde Solution 50 Ml (Hydroquinone)is used within the treatment of melasma. It is a skin-lightening medicine that lightens the darkened skin patches and spots(hyperpigmentation). It reduces the quantity of skin-darkening pigment referred to as melanin within the skin. It helps in reversible depigmentation of the skin.

Hyde Solution is for external use only. You should use it within the dose and duration as suggested by your physician. You should wash your hands totally earlier than and after making use of this medicine. This medicine should be used often to get probably the most profit from it. Do not use greater than you want as some side effects could also be elevated.

Hyde Solution Online has just a few potential side effects however not everybody will get them. These might embrace dry skin, itching, skin burn, skin peeling, and skin redness. Serious allergic response to this drug is uncommon however let your physician know for those who’re bothered by side effects or they don’t go away. (*50*) certain you learn the directions that include your medicine. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of unintended contact, you should rinse your eyes totally with water.

You can begin making use of Hyde Solution to a small portion of unbroken skin or close to the pigmented area for a interval of a number of days for checking an allergic response. You should discontinue it if itching, excessive irritation, or swelling happens. Pregnant women should consult their physician earlier than taking this medicine.



In Melasma

Hydroquinone buy online Melasma is a common skin drawback that causes dark, discolored patches in your skin. It is extra generally seen in females than males. Hyde Solution helps to lighten these dark patches of the skin normally caused by pregnancy, beginning control tablets, hormone medicine, or harm to the skin. It successfully blocks that course of within the skin that results in discoloration. Hyde Solution additionally reduces any redness, rash, pain, or itchiness that could be caused by this situation.
This improves your vanity and confidence as your look adjustments.

1 Bottle – $14.00/Unit, 3 Bottle/s – $13.33/Unit, 6 Bottle/s – $12.67/Unit

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