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ManufacturerSunrise Remedies
Generic BrandsDapoxetine
CompositionDapoxetine (60mg)
Dosage FormTablet/s
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What is Poxet 60 mg Tablet?

Poxet 60 mg Tablet is a medication that is endorsed by a specialist to the individuals who are having a problem of PE (i.e., premature discharge). In this, a person’s discharge happens excessively fast.

The medications increment the degree of the characteristic compound, serotonin in the thoughts .which sends the sensory system and deferring the nerve vibe that end result in discharge taking place.

How does Poxet 60 mg work?

These tablets contain dapoxetine 60mg, a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. That is utilized for premature discharge(PE), as it acts quickly with the best response inside 1-2 hours and an abbreviated half-life, which suggests that it’s flush out from the body inside 24 hours. The exercise of the dapoxetine tablet offers the common cycle of sex.

How to take Poxet 60 mg pills?

One must assimilate it orally with a full glass of water. Try not to break the tablet. You should take your Poxet 60 mg one – three hours before the arranged sexual meeting. One must maintain a strategic distance from liquor within the event that you’re taking these pills.

What are the side effects of Poxet 60 mg?




Ringing in the ears

Blurred vision


Dry mouth

Precaution & Warning: Poxet 60 mg

Try not to take Poxet Tablets on the off chance that you’re sensitive to dapoxetine or any fixings in Poxet 60 mg.

Evade admission of this medicine on the off chance that you’re experiencing completely different heart associated illness like coronary episodes, strokes, hypertension, and hypotension.

In the occasion that you’re encountering kidney or liver infection, at that time you ought not burn-through this medication

This medication is not suggested to be used in breastfeeding women besides if important. All the hazards and benefits must be talked about with the specialist before using this medication.

This medication ought to not be devoured by children under 18 years outdated.

This medication is not suggested for use in pregnant women.

On the off chance that you’ve a previous filled with tipsiness from the low pulse, do not devour this medication.

Different brands and strengh available

Poxet 30 Mg (Dapoxetine)

Poxet 90 Mg (Dapoxetine)

Duratia 30 Mg (Dapoxetine)

Duratia 60 Mg (Dapoxetine)

Duratia 90 Mg (Dapoxetine)

Pack Size

90 Tablet/s – $0.94/Pill, 120 Tablet/s – $0.90/Pill, 150 Tablet/s – $0.85/Pill, 300 Tablet/s – $0.80/Pill

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