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Generic BrandsTear Drops
ManufacturerSun Pharma
Packaging10ml in a bottle
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1 Eye Drop - $5.00/Unit$5.00
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2 Eye Drop/s - $4.50/Unit$9.00
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3 Eye Drop/s - $4.33/Unit$13.00
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Drugs Introduction 

Buy Tear eye drop online, which is Eye Care medicine, and it incorporates Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium. Tear Eye Drop is used for treating irritation and burning sensation introduced on by dry eyes. Docs also can advocate Tear Eye Drop to cope with a number of kinds of eye points as correctly. It’s a watch lubricant.

The Way To Use Tear Eye Drop?

Use these Buy Carboxymethylcellulose Eye Drop when compulsory. Use the number of drops which is likely to be actually helpful by your doctor. One must await a minimum of quarter-hour sooner than making use of one other medicine to your eyes. Should you placed on contact lenses, then eliminate them sooner than making use of Carboxymethylcellulose Eye Drop. It’s suggested to utilize them once more after quarter-hour of administration. Wash your hand with cleansing cleaning soap sooner than making use of eye drops. Don’t contact the dropper from the tip an infection would possibly improve. Take Tear Eye Drop as long as your doctor advises you to do.

Negative Effects Of Carboxymethylcellulose Eye Drop

Blurred Imaginative and prescient, Eye irritation, Stinging throughout the eyes.

Pack Size

1 Eye Drop – $5.00/Unit, 2 Eye Drop/s – $4.50/Unit, 3 Eye Drop/s – $4.33/Unit, 4 Eye Drop/s – $4.00/Unit, 8 Eye Drop/s – $3.75/Unit

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