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uses of nitazoxanide
Uses of Nitazoxanide

Classification Uses of Nitazoxanide

Nitazoxanide is an amoeba, also known as an antiparasitic, used to deal with diarrhea attributable to an infection with sure forms of intestinal parasites. What is Nitazoxanide used for?

1. Effects of the drug Nitazoxanide

What’s Nitazoxanide? Nitazoxanide drug, model identify alinia, belongs to the subgroup of antiparasitic medication, which is efficient within the remedy of diarrhea attributable to an infection with sure intestinal parasites reminiscent of giardia lamblia, cryptosporidium parvum. Nitazoxanide works by blocking the manufacturing of sure substances needed for the survival of the parasite.

As well as, another results of the drug are usually not listed on the authorised drug label, however in some circumstances the physician might prescribe the usage of Nitazoxanide. Due to this fact, earlier than taking the drugs, seek the advice of your physician.

2. How to use the drug Nitazoxanide

Nitazoxanide drug is made within the type of tablets with the content composition of 500mg and powder for suspension with the content material of 100mg/5ml. Dosage might be primarily based on the situation and age of the affected person.

Normal dose for grownup sufferers with amoeba, giardia, cryptosporidium infections: For resistant sufferers, use a dose of 500mg, taken twice a day with meals and remedy. remedy for 3 days. For immunocompromised sufferers, the dose needs to be 1000mg, taken twice a day with meals and handled for 14 days. The standard dose for youngsters with giardiasis, cyptosporidium infections Kids from 12-47 months: give youngsters 100mg with meals each 12 hours, remedy for 3 days. Kids from 4-11 years outdated: use at a dose of 200mg with meals each 12 hours, deal with for 3 days. Kids from 12 years of age and older: use at a dose of 500mg orally twice a day with meals and deal with for 3 days. Normal dose for youngsters with roundworm illness, an infection with hymenolepis nana: give the drug within the morning and night, remedy for 3 consecutive days. Kids from 2-3 years outdated: dose 100mg/5ml Kids from 4-11 years outdated: dose 200mg/10ml Sufferers can take the drug with meals. Nonetheless, to scale back abdomen irritation you’ll be able to take it with meals and must take the pill entire with a full glass of water, don’t chew or break the pill.

To make use of the drug safely, take Nitazoxanide precisely as directed by your online physician, don’t use extra, smaller or longer than prescribed. Use Nitazoxanide recurrently to get essentially the most profit from it and you may cease taking it if any new signs seem or the situation doesn’t enhance. Sufferers completely don’t abuse the drug for too lengthy for a very long time. This doesn’t make the affected person’s situation higher, but in addition will increase the chance of negative effects.

3. Undesirable effects when using the drug Nitazoxanide

Nitazoxanide could cause some undesirable and customary uncomfortable side effects that may be talked about as:
Nausea Diarrhea Vomiting Headache Earlier than prescribing a drug, the physician at all times considers the advantages and effectiveness of the drug. Nitazoxanide offers. When utilizing Nitazoxanide can nonetheless happen negative effects. Due to this fact, when there are uncommon signs, particularly when a extreme allergic response happens with accompanying indicators reminiscent of extreme dizziness, problem respiratory, rash, … the affected person must be knowledgeable. Instantly notify the physician or nurse for fast medical intervention.

4. Some notes when using the drug Nitazoxanide

Some notes when utilizing Nizonide 500 mg embody:

nitazoxanide tablets

Allergic historical past discover to Nizonide 500 mg hypersensitivity response to some other allergy. Nizonide 500 mg might comprise components that do not work and will trigger an allergic response or different severe issues. Report any medicines you’re taking together with prescription and nonprescription medication, herbs and dietary supplements, meals, dyes or preservatives. Kids below 11 years of age mustn’t use Nizonide 500 mg , give Nizonide 500 mg answer as an alternative. Use with warning in sufferers with immune system issues, liver or kidney illness, HIV/AIDS illness. For those who overlook to take a dose of Nizonide 500 mg , take it as quickly as potential. Nonetheless, whether it is near the time of your subsequent dose, skip the missed dose and proceed taking or injecting the drugs as scheduled. Don’t use extra drug than the remedy routine. Nitazoxanide overdose or ingestion could cause severe signs reminiscent of nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, shortness of breath, fainting,…

5. Drug interactions

Drug interactions might cut back the impact of Nitazoxanide, or enhance the impact of negative effects. Inform your physician about all different medicines you’re taking together with over-the-counter medicines, nutritional vitamins, pharmaceuticals, and natural merchandise. Don’t begin, cease or change the dose of any drugs with out your physician’s consent.

6. How to store Nitazoxanide?

Retailer Nitazoxanide in tablet and powder type at room temperature beneath 30 levels Celsius, shielded from gentle and away from moisture. Don’t retailer Nizonide 500 mg in a moist place or within the freezer and avoid warmth and open flames. Totally different medicines could have totally different storage strategies, so learn the Nizonide 500 mg storage directions rigorously on the packaging, or ask your pharmacist. Hold Nitazoxanide out of the attain of youngsters and household pets. When the drugs has expired or is broken and can’t be used anymore, eliminate it and eliminate it correctly. Nitazoxanide should not be disposed of in an surroundings reminiscent of a water pipe or bathroom until requested. Seek the advice of together with your environmental firm or pharmacist on how you can safely eliminate Nizonide 500 mg to assist defend the surroundings.

In abstract, the drug Nizonide 500 mg with the model identify alinia 500, Nizonide 500, Nizonide 200 DT, and Nitasafe 500 belongs to the subgroup of antiparasitic medication, which is efficient within the remedy of diarrhea attributable to an infection with sure intestinal parasites reminiscent of giardia lamblia, cryptosporidium parvum. Nonetheless, Nitazoxanide could cause some negative effects and drug interactions, so inform your physician what medicines you’re taking to scale back the chance of negative effects and on the similar time enhance efficient for remedy.

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