P Glitz 15mg Tablet (Pioglitazone)

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Buy Pioglitazone 15 Mg Online, which is an effective diabetes control medicine. Pioglitazone Tablets can keep high blood sugar level under control.

Generic BrandP Glitz 15mg Tablet
CompositionPioglitazone 15mg
Use ForDiabetes Care
Packaging10 Tablets in 1 Strip
ManufacturerCipla Inc
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30 Tablets - USD $0.30/ Tablet$9.00
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60 Tablets - USD $0.28/ Tablet$16.74
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90 Tablets - USD $0.26/ Tablet$22.95
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Buy Pioglitazone 15 mg Online, which is used & prescribed for the treatment of high blood sugar levels in individuals who are suffering from type -2 diabetes. P GLITZ 15 MG is quite effective in lowering down the blood sugar level & prevents long-term complications of diabetes.

How to Use P Glitz 15 mg?

Always take P Glitz 15 mg as per the dose & dosage prescribed by the doctor. Consume one tablet daily with a single glass of water, sallow the whole pill at once. It is advised to take Pioglitazone Tablets at a fixed time every day as it increases the efficiency of the tablet as well as is easy to remember. Regular monitoring of blood sugar is required while taking Pioglitazone 15 mg to ask for a higher or lower dosage if there is a high fluctuation in blood sugar level. If you have missed the dose, then take it as soon as you remember, or if it is time for the next dose, then skip this dose.

Side Effects of Pioglitazone 15 mg:

Pioglitazone Tablets come with some side effects: -Heart Failure, Localized swelling, Broken bones, and Blurred vision.

Other Available Substitutes:

P Glitz 30mg Tablet


How does pioglitazone work? 

Pioglitazone works by improving insulin sensitivity, which means it helps the body’s cells use insulin more effectively. This leads to better control of blood sugar levels.

What are the common brand names for pioglitazone? 

Pioglitazone is marketed under various brand names, including Actos and Glustin.

 Is pioglitazone used alone or in combination with other medications? 

Pioglitazone can be used as monotherapy (alone) or in combination with other antidiabetic medications, such as metformin, sulfonylureas, or insulin.

Can pioglitazone be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Pioglitazone is generally not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It’s important to discuss your specific situation with your healthcare provider, as they can provide the best guidance based on your individual needs.

Pack Size:

30 Tablets – USD $0.30/ Tablet, 60 Tablets – USD $0.28/ Tablet, 90 Tablets – USD $0.26/ Tablet, 120 Tablets – USD $0.24/ Tablet, 240 Tablets – USD $0.23/ Tablet

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